Loneliness, and lack of support, is one of the main reasons people drink. Accomplishing greatness never happens alone, despite what some may have you believe.

There are many great resources to help you stop drinking and live a fuller life, some of which I’ve listed here.


This Naked Mind by Annie Grace is a terrific book about recognizing why we want to drink and undoing the brainwashing associated with drinking. If you only read one book to quit drinking, this should be it.

Allen Carr’s Quit Drinking Without Willpower: Be a happy nondrinker is another amazing read that focuses on reversing our destructive thinking about alcohol, and doing it in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out. I used one of Carr’s other books to quit smoking cigarettes years ago, which I found incredibly effective.

Self-perception and mindfulness is so important for everyone, especially when you’re sober and don’t have booze as a tool to forget your problems. I highly recommend meditation. Headspace is an awesome app for guided meditations, and I recommend reading Headspace creator Andy Puddicombe’s book on meditation to put everything in context.


Reddit’s r/stopdrinking is an amazing community of “sobernauts” that are there to support your journey to stop drinking. I highly recommend subscribing, contributing and asking questions. Everyone there is always willing to help and it is a font of positivity. It’s a “support group in your pocket”.